AUSTRIA, Franz Joseph I, 1 Corona 1915, UNC


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Obverse: Franz Joseph I’s bust bare-headed facing right and the engraver’s name below the neck surrounded by the legend

Lettering (Latin): FRANC ∙ IOS ∙ I ∙ D ∙ G ∙ IMP ∙ AVSTR ∙ REX BOH ∙ GAL ∙ ILL ∙ ETC ∙ ET AP ∙ REX HVNG ∙

Translation: Franz Joseph I, by the grace of God, emperor of Austria, king of Bohemia, Galicia, Illyria and so forth and apostolic king of Hungary

Engraver: Stefan Schwartz

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Reverse: Imperial crown between laurel springs, date below.

Lettering (Latin): 1;    1915

Engraver: Anton Scharff, Andreas Neudeck

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Edge (text in Latin): VIRIBVS * <~*~> * VNITIS * <~*~> *

Translation: With United Forces (the Motto of the house of Habsburg)

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In stock

Ruler Franz Joseph I (1848-1916)
Face Value 1 Corona
Year of issue 1915
Metal Silver
Fineness 835
Catalogue # KM# 2820; Herinek 805
Weight, g. 4,99
Diameter, mm. 23,01
Our code C286