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AUSTRIA, Ferdinand I, 3 Kreuzer 1838 B, Kremnitz, aXF


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Obverse: Laureate portrait of Ferdinand I facing right. Legend around for “Ferdinand I Dei Gratia Austriae Imperator Hungariae Bohemiae Rex Hujus Nominis Quintus”

Lettering: FERD. I. D.G. AVSTR. IMP. HVNG. BOH. R. H. N. V.; B

Translation: Ferdinand I, by the grace of God, Austrian Emperor, King of Hungary, Bohemia, fifth of that name.

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Reverse: Crowned double headed imperial eagle with value at center. Legend for “Rex Lombardiae et Venetiae Dalmatiae Galiciae Lodomeriae Illyriae, Archidux Austriae”

Lettering: REX. LOMB. ET VEN. DALM. GAL. LOD. ILL. A.A. 1838.

Translation: King of Lombardy and Venetia, Dalmatia, Galicia and Lodomeria, Illyria, Archduke of Austria.

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Edge: Smooth

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Ruler Ferdinand I (1835-48)
Face Value 3 Kreuzer
Year of issue 1838
Metal Silver
Fineness 346
Catalogue # KM# 2191; Herinek 360; Huszar 2089; Unger 1426.a
Weight, g. 1,59
Diameter, mm. 17,75
Our code F159
Additional info One year type, minted in Kremnitz