• INDIA, George V, Rupee 1911, Calcutta, Pig type, toned, UNC

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    The first ever issues of one rupee, 1/2 rupee, 1/4 rupee, 2 anna and 1/4 anna coins minted in 1911, had the images of King George V with an elephant image on his robe.

    Since, the elephant’s trunk was small, it looked like a pig and thus it came to be known as ‘pig rupee’. It led to a controversy as Muslims objected to it. Out of a total of 9,4 million pieces struck at both mints (Bombay and Calcutta), only 700 000 were issued, and many of these were withdrawn and melted with unissued pieces. Later in 1912, the elephant trunk was stretched longer in the new coins which came to be known as ‘elephant rupee’.

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    Obverse: Crowned head of George V facing left, legend around

    Lettering (English): GEORGE V KING EMPEROR

    Engraver: Edgar Bertram MacKennal

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    Reverse: Within circle, date divides legend in English & Urdu (Yek Rupya) . Outside circle, wreath made of roses, thistle, shamrock leaves and lotus flowers. All within a toothed border

    Lettering (English and Urdu): ONE RUPEE INDIA 1911 یک روپیہ

    Art Deco line

    Edge: Reeded

    Art Deco line

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